How To Develop Those Boulder Shoulders

Boulder Shoulders

Target the shoulders for a wider frame

Skimping on shoulders is probably why your frame looks weak!

Most bodybuilders want bigger and wider shoulders but few know how to get there and spend tons of time using the wrong training methods that will never make their shoulders bigger and rounder. If you are one of these people then this post is all good news for you.

The deltoid consists of three heads which are the anterior which is the front head, the middle head and the posterior which is the rear head. Most effective shoulder exercises target the anterior or front head but the best exercises target all three heads of the deltoid.

How To Target Shoulders

You need to start with heavy weights and go for lower reps and introduce high intensity methods such as forced reps, negative reps, drop sets and extended sets. You want to achieve muscle overload and maximize muscle damage so that your muscles will grow.

When you achieve the right amount of muscle damage, new muscle cells will replace those that are damaged. These new cells will make your muscles grow bigger and stronger as they want to prevent further damage. Experienced bodybuilders will have to work hard at this because your muscle fibers will be strong enough to resist this damage.

Two Phases To Rounder Shoulders – Phase 1

Train your delts once a week to optimize your muscle recovery. Start with two sets of the seated barbell shoulder press and be sure to include negative and forced reps here. You will need a partner to assist you here.

Now do two more shoulder press sets and use the extended sets technique that allows you to go for more reps of the exercise by moving your position. So start with a seated shoulder press for 6 reps, and then move to a standing shoulder press for as many reps as you can. Don’t change the weight used.

You will find that the standing shoulder press is easier to do as you can use your legs to help. After this go for a seated dumbbell lateral raise Again you are looking for an extended set so start seated with a weight that you can handle for 8 reps.

Once you reach failure (or get close to it) stand up and continue with standing dumbbell lateral raises until you reach failure. Once this point is achieved go for negative and forced reps as was described above. Go for three sets overall using these techniques.

Now it is time to round of this deltoid targeting by giving the front and rear heads a hard time by alternating between dumbbell front raises and the incline bench rear delt raise. Do the first set of each straight and go for 8 reps to failure.

For the 2nd set go for a drop set after reaching failure by reducing the weight by around 30% and do as many reps as you can. For the 3rd set go for 2 drop sets by reducing the weight by a further 30% and do as many reps as you can.

Rest for a week and do this again. Follow this first phase plan for 4 weeks.

Two Phases To Rounder Shoulders – Phase 2

In the second phase you want to be targeting your shoulders twice a week. The first of these workouts will be light and short and the second a lot heavier and more intense than the first. You need to have at least a full day of gym rest between these two sessions.

After the first phase your muscle fibers will be resistant to muscle damage and so phase 2 will increase the activity of specific genes in your muscle cells and as a result of this, protein synthesis in these cells will be increased.

Your deltoid muscles will get bigger with the more protein that they synthesize so increasing to two sessions a week will help with this. The first delt workout should focus on working with cables to keep constant tension on your deltoid muscle fibers.

Start this session with a lateral raise with the cable using both of your arms so that you use your middle delts and go for an incline bench rear delt raise to give your rear delts a good workout. Perform 4 sets of each choosing a weight for the first set that you can do 20 reps with. In the next three sets increase the weight and lower the number of reps.

The second day delt training involves one set of an isolation exercise like the dumbbell lateral raise followed by a set of the dumbbell shoulder press. This will fatigue the muscles and in the second exercise the target muscle will be the weak link.

Finish it all off with alternating seated dumbbell front raises and the incline bench rear delt raise to tax the front and rear heads. These exercises will target all three deltoid heads and you will end up with bigger, rounded shoulders.

The second phase should be performed for 4 weeks.

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