These days I’m pretty much the same size and strength as when I was more serious. Again this is due to the MMP where I’m at a point of diminishing returns. The amount of effort it takes to get to get to an advanced or elite level just isn’t worth it for me. So despite not being able to devote as much time to bodybuilding these days, the effect on my physique has been negligible.

And that’s what is all about. No Frills Bodybuilding and making bodybuilding work in with your life instead of vice versa. Working towards your peak physique, realising you won’t ever be Mr. Olympia. It’s about achieving the best physique practically possible. This is achieved by improving your training productivity and efficiency. And most importantly, improving your nutrition but with minimal tupperware containers and antisocial eating behaviours.

I hope to motivate the unmotivated and give some perspective to the obsessed.

To get started I recommend checking out No Frills Bodybuilding.